How Hardbite uses GigHound to keep up with customer demand.

Food Production


All root vegetables are hand cut so when customer demand changes or deliveries are delayed, it’s hard to keep up with only full-time staff.
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Using GigHound’s on-demand staff, Hardbite is able to have people come help on a day-by-day basis.. Additionally, if someone is really working out, workers are offered full-time work.
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Having a reliable workforce on hand allows Hardbite to stay agile with business changes and reduce overhead costs related to full-time staff and recruitment.
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Great tasting natural snacks often require a little extra help

Founded in 1998, Hardbite chips provides consumers with handcrafted all-natural chips without any artificial flavours or preservatives. At every stage, their goal is to provide the best chip possible, using only natural ingredients and were non-GMO before that was a thing. Over the years, the company has grown to offer a number of different product lines including chips made with different vegetables as well as avocado oil. With that growth and different supply streams, Hardbite uses GigHound to supplement their staff to meet changing delivery schedules and customer demand.

The Challenge

With significant growth of the last year and adding new product lines to their offering, Hardbite has increased their staff, processes, and suppliers to keep up with growing customer demand. Vegetables are hand cut meaning they need extra hands when demand is high and fewer when is lower. Additionally, delivery of certain materials is often delayed last minute making it difficult to keep full-time staff busy at all times. Setting up new processes and product lines also means they often need extra help upfront, but not necessarily on an ongoing basis.
“The nature of our business balloons and spikes so we try to keep a steady staff but when we find stuff that needs to be done on the side, having your team available to come in means we’re not carrying those extra people when there is no assembly needed.”
Production Supervisor

The Opportunity

Hardbite needed to add some flexibility to their workforce and also keep a steady stream of full-time candidates.

The Solution

GigHound was chosen because of it’s ability to be flexible with changing business needs as well as it’s industry-leading level of communication and availability. The GigHound team is always available and Hardbite can feel confident that the right amount of people will show up to work. Additionally, using GigHound workers allows Hardbite to test out workers before offering them full-time positions — saving them time and money when it comes to recruitment.
“We wouldn’t hire them if you had crappy employees I guess so it shows that you guys are doing a good job screening your employees. It’s a pretty good perk”
Production Supervisor
main benefits

On-demand workforce

GigHound’s agility means that Hardbite does not have to carry the extra staff even when there is no work to be done.

No more 9 to 5

Hardbite doesn’t keep regular hours and neither do we. GigHound help is always available and when Hardbite added a grave-yard shift in September, we were there to help.

Full-timers for free

As opposed to working with traditional staffing agencies, Hardbite is able to hire GigHound workers on full-time without a placement fee. It’s our way of showing businesses that we are their partner.