COVID-19 safety is a #1 priority

Our workers are essential to keeping the economy running during this pandemic and so we are taking steps to ensure the GigHound community is as safe as possible.

It is up to all of us to create safe working environments.
If anyone in the GigHound community is not acting in accordance with our guidelines their activity will be suspended from our platform.

Working together
To ensure safe practices during this pandemic, everyone — workers and businesses — must work together. This relationship has been key to us being able to help people get back to work and businesses up and running again.

Safety is everyone's responsibility

We understand how important COVID-19 safety is and are taking things seriously. Before a worker can accept a shift on the GigHound platform, they must first agree to follow COVID-19 guidlines:
Not taking a shift if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
Committing to sanitizing hands regularly
Wearing a face mask at all times while working
The Public Health Agency of Canada and your local government’s regulations are the best sources for updated guidance.
Workers are advised to sanitize hands regularly
Following government guidelines, maintaining good hand and respiratory hygiene are very important personal practices that help reduce the risk of infection or spreading infection to others.


Does GigHound provide any protective equipment to workers?

In the event that a worker or business does not have sufficient protective gear (mask, face shield, gloves, sanitizer) we will ensure they are properly protected.

What happens if a member of the GigHound community is directly affected by COVID-19?

If we are notified that a worker or business has tested postitive for COVID-19, we will temporarily suspend their activity on GigHound — they can resume using our platform only when they are medically cleared and it is safe to do so. In this event we will also follow guidance from public health authorities to identify other individuals who may have been impacted.

What is GigHound doing to help workers and businesses stay safe?

As part of our commitment to safety during this pandemic we’ve implemented a few systems:

• Prior to reserving any shift, GigHound workers must agree to comply with government guidelines for keeping safe.
• Businesses that are not providing safe work environments will be suspended from posting work on the GigHound platform.
• Workers and businesses are responsible for their own PPE but GigHound will provide to any jobsite in need.