GigHound's Ontario Licensing Under the Employment Standards Act, 2000

May 10, 2024

At GigHound, our commitment to providing high-quality, ethical services to both employers and temporary workers is unwavering. We’re excited to announce after waiting for the application process to be reopened that our application to the Licensing of Temporary Help Agencies and Recruiters under the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) is currently under review.

NOTE: As of this writing, no agencies have been approved and all pending applications are “under review”.

Understanding the Licensing Requirements

As of July 1, 2024, all temporary help agencies and recruiters operating in Ontario must have a licence issued by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development. This step aims to ensure that agencies adhere to fair labour practices, provide safe working conditions, and operate ethically.

Key aspects of the licensing requirements include:

  1. Compliance with Employment Laws: Agencies must comply with ESA standards, including ensuring fair wages, benefits, and working conditions.
  2. Financial Security: Agencies are required to provide financial security, such as a security deposit, to guarantee payment of wages.
  3. Clients are prohibited from knowingly engaging or using the services of a temporary help agency unless the agency holds a licence.”

GigHound's Trusted Approach

Our application for licensing reflects our ongoing dedication to meeting and exceeding these standards. Here’s why GigHound stands out as a trusted vendor:

  1. Ethical Recruitment and Employment Practices: We ensure compliance with ESA rules, providing transparent, fair opportunities for temporary workers.
  2. Advanced Verification: Our Trust & Rank system incentivizes reliability, ensuring that employers receive high-quality, vetted talent.
  3. Financial Security: GigHound guarantees that all workers receive fair compensation promptly and accurately.

What Licensing Means for Employers and Workers

Ideally licensing will help companies choose better vendor partners. If Ontario polices the licensing requirements;  the illegal and unethical agencies will be starved out of the ecosystem. This will Provide  workers opportunities to choose the right work for them and help to increase retention and lessen attrition. Licensing will also level the playing field as the end goal is to have all temporary agencies paying promptly, properly and remitting appropriately to the government.

Verify Licensing Status

It’s crucial for companies to verify their vendor's licensing status before partnering with a temporary help agency or recruiter. You can check the licensing status of agencies using the Ontario government's public-facing status page here.


Learn more about how the Ontario government is regulating temporary help agencies and recruiters here.

Stay tuned for updates on our licensing journey and how we continue to support the temporary labour  economy ethically and effectively.

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