Navigating Canada's International Student Work Hour Limitations

April 11, 2024

This month, Canada will reimpose a 20-hour work limit per week for international students during academic sessions. This decision, meant to ensure students remain focused on their studies, has stirred significant discussion among stakeholders, from government officials to educational institutions and students themselves​ (HR Reporter)​​​.

GigHound as a Flexible Solution for Employers and Students

GigHound offers a timely solution for businesses anticipating a workforce shortfall due to these regulatory changes. Our platform can help bridge the gap by connecting companies with a flexible, on-demand workforce that complements the restricted hours international students can work.

The Role of International Students in the Canadian Job Market

International students have been integral to filling short-term roles, especially in sectors like hospitality and retail. The lifting of the 20-hour restriction during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted their potential to support industries critically short of labor​ (HR Reporter)​. Reverting to the 20-hour limit may strain sectors that depend heavily on these students, particularly during peak periods​.

Strategic Advantages for Employers Using GigHound


Employers can use GigHound to quickly adapt to workforce needs without the long-term commitment that traditional hiring requires.


Our platform streamlines the hiring process, allowing GigHound to get workers to your door within HOURS.  manage staffing fluctuations efficiently.

Diverse Talent Pool

Access an untapped pool of candidates ready to fill various roles, from temporary assignments to longer-term positions.

Around the clock care

many of our clients run 24/7 and don’t have support for second and third shifts. Our workers and clients have around the clock care


As businesses prepare for the upcoming changes in work hour limits for international students, GigHound is positioned to support these transitions smoothly. By offering flexible, reliable staffing solutions, we can help mitigate potential disruptions and maintain operational continuity for Canadian businesses.

Leveraging a platform like GigHound not only helps manage the immediate challenges posed by regulatory changes but also enhances long-term workforce planning and sustainability.

For further insights on the impact of the 20-hour work limit and to explore GigHound's offerings, visit our business solutions page.

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