GigHound Turns Three: A Look Back at Our Journey

September 12, 2023

Three years ago, amidst the throes of a global pandemic, a vision was born. A vision to reimagine the temp labor industry, challenge the status quo, and provide a solution to a pressing problem in today's fast-paced economy. That vision was GigHound.

The Problem We Aimed to Solve

Employers grappled with the challenge of meeting their fluctuating labor needs without overhiring full-time staff. The traditional process of finding, screening, and training new employees was not only costly but also time-consuming. Enter GigHound, our answer to these challenges. We aimed to offer a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solution that catered to both employers and workers.

Our Innovative Approach

Gone were the days of the brick-and-mortar temp-agency model. We introduced a revolutionary mobile app, our very own "Uber for temp jobs." This app allowed us to tap into a broader market of workers, ensuring they get paid within 24 hours. No longer did workers need to sign up at limited agency locations and wait for weekly or bi-weekly paychecks. With GigHound, they could browse shifts, curate their schedules, and receive payments, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Addressing Industry Pain Points

Our journey wasn't just about innovation; it was about improvement. We tackled industry pain points head-on: from poor communication and restrictive office hours to outdated incentivization structures. Our mission was clear – to enhance the experience for both employers and workers, leading to more successful job placements.

Trust & Rank: A Game-Changing Model

While many of our gig economy peers relied on 5-star ratings and automated support responses, we believed in a different approach. Our "Trust & Rank" system, inspired by gamification systems in mobile games, put the power back in the workers' hands. This model not only incentivizes performance and reliability but also provides the flexibility workers often need.

Our Growth and Achievements

From our humble beginnings in 2020, we've come a long way:

  • Expanded our services across various industries, from micromobility and food production to third-party logistics.
  • Launched several features, including the worker app, time sheets, Health & Safety education, WHIMIS education, and background checks.
  • Grown our team from 4 to 14 dedicated members spread across Canada.
  • Marked our presence in over 46 cities across 7 provinces.
  • 26,846  workers ready to work.
  • 9,292 workers on payroll. 
  • We’re now staffing up to 400 workers per day
  • Processing up to $50k in payroll—every day.

What Lies Ahead

Our journey doesn't end here. We're excited about the future and are gearing up to introduce:

  • A more efficient payment system.
  • Geofencing capabilities.
  • Customized onboarding resources.
  • And much more!

Moreover, we're proud to serve our community in both French and English, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.

In Conclusion

As we celebrate our third anniversary, we're filled with gratitude. To our team, our workers, and our partner businesses – thank you for believing in GigHound. We started with a vision to transform the temp labor industry, by creating the most efficient labor marketplace in the world and with your support, we're making that vision a reality, one shift at a time. Here's to many more years of innovation, growth, and success!

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