Supporting International Students Amidst Work Hours Cap Discussions

December 6, 2023

A recent development in Canada's employment landscape has sparked a significant conversation about the working hours of international students. As discussions unfold about the potential continuation of a policy allowing international students to work beyond the standard 20-hour weekly limit, GigHound stands as a beacon of support, offering legal work opportunities within these evolving regulations.

The Current Debate:

International students in Canada are advocating for the extension of a rule that permits them to work more than 20 hours per week. This limit, they argue, exposes them to exploitation and financial hardships, especially given the soaring cost of living. Damanpreet Singh, the International Students' Commissioner at the Canadian Federation of Students, emphasizes the struggle, stating, "Our living expenses are really high in Canada, and it is very hard for them to manage."

In 2022, Ottawa temporarily suspended the 20-hour work limit to address labor shortages, a policy slated to conclude on December 31, 2023. Advocates like Sarom Rho from the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change are calling for a complete removal of the ban, asserting that lifting the 20-hour work limit empowers students "to leave bad jobs and to speak up against exploitation and mistreatment."

GigHound's Role:

Amidst these discussions, GigHound has been a crucial player in providing international students with legal and flexible work opportunities. Our platform ensures that all workers, including international students, are employed within the bounds of current regulations, offering them a safe and legal avenue to earn a living.

Benefits of Working with GigHound:

  1. Legal Compliance: GigHound strictly adheres to employment laws, ensuring that international students work within the legal limits of their visas.
  2. Flexible Opportunities: Our platform offers a variety of job options that fit the diverse schedules and needs of international students.
  3. Fair Wages: GigHound is committed to providing fair wages, ensuring that students are compensated appropriately for their work.
  4. Supportive Environment: We understand the unique challenges faced by international students and offer a supportive work environment that respects their rights and contributions.

As Canada continues to navigate the complexities of employment regulations for international students, GigHound remains a steadfast ally. We are committed to providing legal, flexible, and fair work opportunities, helping international students balance their studies with their financial needs. Whether the 20-hour work limit is lifted or remains in place, GigHound will continue to adapt and offer the best solutions for our international student workforce.

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